Our History...

...Vinceria was started in 2003 when the founders lent their expertise to a burgeoning web based business, helping them expand their customer base and generate new revenue streams. Creating a new niche in web based consulting, Vinceria began the quest to provide high level technology and web consulting services to established, early stage and start-up web based technology ventures.

Our team strives to be a key support system for your start-up venture, through coaching, strategic growth development, technology assistance, pitch development, funding development and overall business infrastructure development. Vinceria has assisted companies such as Groovy.io, Grails48, Violet Valley, 9jacob, MadCouch, Canocal and Startaroo with their incubation, online presence, web based marketing, as well as funding and revenue generation programs.

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Our Mantra...

...is to work with, coach, nurture, grow, promote and increase funding and revenue generation opportunities for web based technology start-ups throughout North America and Globally. Our technology and partnership efforts continue to grow as we diligently work in Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Palo Alto, San Diego, Boston, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa.

Our Mission...

...we continue to be on the lookout for creative new projects, innovative ideas, start-up opportunities and web based companies to work with in several market segments. If any of these sound like your plans, ideas or company, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us or send us your executive summary.

Our Services...

* mentoring, coaching and acceleration.
* incubation and funding services.
* acquisition and strategic alliance services.
* marketing, advertising, SEO and consulting.
* web based commerce, marketplaces and stores.
* online communities or web based social networks.
* web design and custom development.
* software and software based services.

Our Partners...

Working with Vinceria, you not only have our expert staff, you also reap the benefits of the strategic alliances and partnerships we have developed and nurtured over time.

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